Sunday, July 5, 2009

profound thought for the day

I only think it's human nature to compare ourselves to others in one way or another. While I don't think said comparison is an inherently unhealthy exercise, it's also important to put things in perspective:

Right now, there are approximately 6 billion people roaming the earth. There's no way to objectively determine this, but one could argue that there is a "best-off" person and a "worst-off" person at any given moment in time. The odds of being either one of those people is only one in 6 billion.

Before I take matters further, let me restate the first sentence of the previous paragraph in another way: There are approximately 6 billion people roaming the earth... right now. In other words, loads of people are being born and loads of people are dying every single second of the day. I'm just pulling this number out of my ass, but lets just assume that, at one time or another, 20 billion different people will exist over the span of my lifetime. Now, the probability of having the best or worst overall, possible life (during my lifespan) drops to one in 20 billion.

Anyhoos-- back to my original point. Out of 20 billion people, there's really only one person who can say "You know what? I'm not really jealous of anyone." Similarly, only one person in 20 billion looks up to absolutely everybody else.

"But yeah, Justin. So what?" Well, here's what:

I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn't want to trade places with the worst-off person in the 20 billion. But on that same note, I don't think I'd want to trade places with the best-off person, either. I guess the moral of the story is: be happy with what you have.

You're welcome.

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