Monday, July 11, 2011

to Russia, with love

So blogger has this interesting feature where you can check out where your page views are coming from: 

I didn't realize what an international phenomenon aBBoBS has turned out to be.  Over 34% of my readers are "goddamn foreigners" (as Aunt Betsey would say).  Here are some quick thoughts concerning that:

1) I'd like to thank the 1.4% of my readers who are a part of the "Axis of Evil!"  You go, girlz!!

2) At first glance, it appears that Japan is #2 in terms of readership.  Wrong/Nope!  I've yet to acknowledge the breaking up of the U.S.S.R., so we combine the totals for Russia, Latvia and the Ukraine (55 total).  Guess what, Tojo?: Stalin comes out on top again!!

3) I wish I had more U.K. page views; the British are my favorite favourite! 

4) Greenland can go fuck itself.

You're welcome.

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