Sunday, April 15, 2012

fabric soften___

In this era of the internet, hydrogen bombs and supersonic jets, sometimes it's all too easy to overlook the simple things that have revolutionized our times. For example: take fabric softener. I'll bet most people's lives have been directly affected more so by fabric softener than by all the hydrogen bombs in the world combined! Here's what's even crazier: the full potential of fabric softener has NOT YET BEEN REALIZED!!!

Back in the day, people used to just wash their clothes with plain old water-- probably from a river or something. Then they said, "Let there be soap!" and there was soap and the clothes were mildly cleaner. Then... someone got the bright idea to say, "wouldn't it be nice if these clothes were just a little bit softer?" And they probably decided to invent a product that some people called "Fabric Soften." Then... Downy or whoever came along and invented fabric softenER. Just think of how crazy things will get when someone finally invents fabric softenest! It's no exaggeration to suggest that such a product would absolutely the dwarf the impact of the hydrogen bomb.

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