Sunday, April 12, 2009

weed b gon

So the roomie is celebrating Easter by trying to murder all of the weeds in the yard with this:

I'd only heard of this product phonetically, and didn't realize that it was spelled "Weed B Gon." I guess this may be a clever way for Ortho to say, "We spelled it that way because we didn't want to give you the false impression that the weeds would actually... you know... be gone."

But then I thought, "What if it's more sinister than that?" So I went and looked up the word "gon" on Wikipedia and discovered this:

In Vietnam, the gon is a unit of length equal to 195 metres (approximately 213 yards).

If this is the case, Weed B Gon is actually designed to grow weeds in your yard.

You're welcome.

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