Monday, May 25, 2009

new word

I've decided to broaden the English language by proposing a new word:

vaginamite- (n, adj): having, causing, or pertaining to explosive, diva-like, womanly energy

Suggested Use:
1) Ain't nobody dancin' at this party!! Some bitch best throw out a stick of vaginamite!!

2) I'm about two seconds from bustin' out a 30-lb. keg of vaginamite on yo' ass!!

Pun Potential:

That bitch ain't no fun. Her vaginamite be all rotten.

(Not to be confused with the two-word term describing a fictional, crab-like disease/STI)

She *has* vagina mites.

There's already an entry on, but I don't think the current definitions do the term justice. Please visit the site and give my definition a "thumbs up" so it becomes the standard, most-mainstream usage. (The definition ranking is determined by the differential between "thumbs up" and "thumbs down"-- so voting the other definitions "down" will help as well.)

As always,
You're welcome.

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