Sunday, May 24, 2009

my very first review!!!

So for my friend's birthday, I got him a plunger off of As is their custom, the wonderful people at Amazon sent over a friendly e-mail suggesting that I submit a customer review and/or share my photos of said product. Sounds like fun!

As you can see from image above, the default photo doesn't really give one the idea of how powerful this plunger is. I thought it would be kind of disgusting to clog up the toilet for real, so we used the following ingredients to simulate a powerful bowel movement:

(1) can refried beans
3 oz. of diced tomatoes
3 oz. creamed corn
brown food coloring

Then, using a frosting decorator, I artistically recreated a circumstance that would likely clog a toilet.

Here's a fun little link to the photos I shared with the Amazon community. Link-o.

(Full disclosure before clicking the link: these may not be safe for a work-like environment and these images and/or my account may be deleted once a few complaints are issued.)

You're welcome.

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